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Sometimes it is necessary to fight a legal issue to the bitter end, but a lengthy and contentious trial can cost more than just time and money. The process is mentally and emotionally draining, and the parties give up a great deal of discretion to the judge with no guarantee of success before a jury.
There is a better solution. "Mediation"
Mediation, also known as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), is a process by which the opposing parties in a dispute seek to reach an amicable resolution of their disputed issues outside the courtroom.
The Law Offices of Frederick W. Ford can provide:
Cost-effective Mediation with an experienced litigator with a perspective to help parties mediate their disputes based on more than 35 years of trial work. Frederick W. "Rick" Ford brings his 35-year history of trials, mediations and arbitrations in all South Florida forums to the mediation table. With his experience, he can suggest possible outcomes that parties may not have previously considered and assist each party to evaluate the case at hand. He is a neutral third party who facilitates the settlement process without making judgments.
Our Mediation Expertise:
At the Law Offices of Frederick Ford, we are committed to working towards amicable solutions to difficult and emotionally charged legal matters, including:
  • Labor & Employment disputes (wrongful discharge, discrimination, racial and sexual harassment, wage disputes, etc.)
  • General Civil & Commercial Litigation
  • Personal Injury
  • Governmental matters
  • Constitutional Law
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Rick is associated with ARC Mediation. To schedule a mediation date:
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Whether you are an employee seeking guidance on a discrimination issue or a small business needing help with employment contracts, the Law Offices of Frederick W. Ford can help you.

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